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Discover the Best Latin Steaks in Chicago

Nacional 27 is known for its killer nightclub, amazing cocktails and Salsa lessons. But what you might not know is that we have an incredible Latin steak menu that you must try. Steak recipes native to Peru, Cuba, Mexico, Argentina and Brazil highlight the the best flavors from each region and celebrate tradition with a modern twist. Warm up with a hearty Latin steak during this brisk Chicago winter.

We sat down with our Le’ Cordon Bleu trained Sous Chef, Kris Berklund, to get his thoughts on how he likes to prepare his Latin Steak.

What do you look for in a well-cooked steak?

Well, really, that’s up to the judgement of the diner. Steaks can be served in a variety of ways, from rare to well done, and everything in between. I prefer my skirt steaks and filets to be medium rare, as it provides a juicier, more tender experience. I also prefer my ribeye medium rare, but burnt and crisp on the outside. But that’s the beauty of steak, there is no one way to cook it.

steak and marinade ingredients


Which sauces do you prefer to pair with your steak?

I love the Mole Negro sauce on our bone-in ribeye. The sweetness of the sauce pairs well with the subtle fattiness of the ribeye for a really nice end result flavor. The mole sauce is certainly unique, and those new to Latin fine dining may be unfamiliar with it but I promise it’s worth it to try it. Another sauce that is a standout is the Salsa Criolla. It sounds odd to put salsa on a steak, but once you try it and immerse yourself into the Latin flavor of it, you’ll find that it pairs excellently on a skirt steak.

Mole Negro Bone-In Ribeye_

Which side would you pair your preferred steak with?

You honestly can’t go wrong with any of our options. The Crispy Potatoes and Latin Vegetables are of course, classic side dishes. I would encourage guests who’re looking for an authentic Latin dining experience to try the plantains with the garlic truffle aioli. They’re a signature of South America and have a really nice tenderness to mix with the flavor.

Argentinian filet

You can sample any of our Latin steaks on Nacional 27’s dinner menu Wednesday through Saturday evening, starting at 5:30 PM. Join us for an unforgettable Latin dining experience and stay for the complementary salsa lessons on Wednesdays or hit the dance floor at the the hottest nightclub in Chicago on Fridays and Saturdays.