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Meet our Resident DJ – DJX


In the sea of River North dance clubs, Vida 27 is the ultimate staycation experience. Feel like you’ve been transported to Miami, Argentina or Brazil with our mix of flavors, cocktails and music.

Eat. Drink. Dance. is our motto at Nacional 27.  Start your evening by dining on the best and most creative Latin comfort food in Chicago.  Stay for the club, Vida27 and dance the night away with our list of revolving Resident & Guest DJs, focused on Latin Rhythms, Reggeaton, Merengue, Bachata, Salsa Y Mas!  Our bartenders are always mixing the freshest, most innovative cocktails and bottles service flows all evening long.

Come for dinner and stay for the party. We know how to throw a good one, especially with DJ-X as our music mastermind.

Who is DJ-X?

Alex Arzate, known as DJ-X around the U.S, is our beloved resident DJ at Nacional 27.  His unique style and technique has earned him recognition and respect for his original style. Mashing up hip-hop, rock, house, Latin, and electronic music into an experience like none other. With over 16 years of experience, DJ-X’s career is only going up.   He creates original Remixes for current Top40/Pop artists, manages his own set of DJ’s and is featured on Pitbull’s Globalization Sirius Xm Station Every Friday Night at 11PM Central. We had the opportunity to interview him and chat more about his experience.

Nacional 27: What made you decide to be a DJ?

DJ-X: I started DJ’ing late in the game when I was 17 years old.  After I was in a band that toured a bit, we didn’t have much success so I took my earnings and became a DJ, since Music has always been my passion.  I started to DJ weddings, private parties, and did gigs in small bars that would hire me.  It wasn’t until 2008 that I really started to do nightclubs in Chicago.  I built a foundation in the Open format circuit, playing Latin, mainstream, Pop/Top40, House, and other music.  I played pretty much at every big name nightclub in Chicago with the exception of a few spots.  Once I started to land bigger gigs touring around the country & the Pitbull Globalization gig is when I really started to set myself a part.  When people think of Tour DJ’s they think of the West or East coast, but I have my own gig here.  I feel like I represent Chicago and Nacional 27.

Nacional 27: Why Nacional 27? What drew you to our club?

DJ-X: Nacional needed a filler DJ one night about 6 years ago.   At the time, the manager said that they wanted “Miami in Chicago” and I was able to fit the bill.  After that, I played every Saturday and now I spin on the weekends and hire out my DJ’s or DJ’s from around the Globe on tour to spin. I want Nacional 27’s audience to feel like they’re in Miami, a Tropical escape or on vacation when they’re in the club.   We created a formula for the nights and it works.  You can experience it every Fridayand Saturday in the club, and it’s amazing.  When I go on tour, people from Seattle to Kansas City know about Nacional 27–you feel a sense of pride to be tied to something like that.

Nacional 27: Why do you think people are drawn to your style and to Vida27?

DJ-X:  People come because of what we play and how we play it.   The club and I are successful due to the taste, cultivation, formula of “our way”–Vida Veintisiete–and the audience loves it. People come to be a part of that feeling, and we bring it every week.

Nacional 27: What is Pitbull’s Globalization?

DJ-X: Pitbull’s Globalization is Pitbull’s Radio station on Sirius XM that plays Latin/Rhythmic music from around the world.  About a year ago I was invited to open for Pitbull at the United Center.  It was a last minute situation,  and they pretty much drew my name from a hat at last resort…haha- It was amazing! His tour manager after the show was very pleased, and later that month Big Syphe connected me to the station.   Pitbull’s Globalization airs worldwide, and I have my own show on FridayNights.  I am very grateful for the opportunity and has been a huge step in my career.

In addition I have played here locally at 93.5 and 103.1FM Latino Mix,  and I’m on rotation at B96 and KISS FM with the remixes that I make of Top40/Pop Artists.  It’s really cool being recognized for my work and it really draws people to Nacional.

Nacional 27: What are you jamming to right now?

DJ-X: You know DJ’s burn out on music faster than most people, but right now I’ve been listening to the Major Lazer Know No Better album. I’ve also been listening to J.Balvin a Colombian Superstar on the rise, he’s Huge in Latin America and Europe right now and I think he will break more into mainstream very soon.  I also really like Ozomatli–they’re super cool.  They remake songs like La Bamba and Como La Flor and give it an alternative reggae funk feel, it’s really chill…

Experience Vida 27 for yourself! We’ll party with you all weekend long Vida Veintisiete!

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